The Winning is Starting and The Whining Will Never End

While the media continues its meltdown and insists on portraying the fledgling Trump admin as floundering, chaotic, and making little if any progress, reality continues to happily chug along regardless.

The reality is that things are already happening and changing due to Trump, and it’s taking place at a very fast rate.

The following is just some of what the media is doing its best to lead you away from noticing with their stories of “controversial appointments” which they in reality know nothing about, mindless riots they portray as justifiable “protests”, and endless innuendo and rumor claiming corruption, racism, and bigotry is endemic to the Trump team.

Keep in mind as you read some of these, that Trump TOLD US this would happen, that he had 0 doubt, and that he would make it happen.

1. Both Canada and Mexico have stated their willingness to reconsider and renegotiate NAFTA with Trump. Unlike the media’s claims that this would be impossible, that these leaders would have none of it, that it would be a disaster. Trump has not been sworn into office, and yet world leaders are already signaling their willingness to follow Trump’s lead. This is a HUGE story, yet one the media gave only passing mention to.

2. Japan’s Prime Minister had an impromptu meeting with Trump at Trump Tower. Before he has taken the oath of office, Trump has Japan sending its prime minister to meet with him in the hopes of setting up future dialogue regarding trade and defense. This scene has already played out several times with the leaders of several other nations Trump targeted specifically during his campaign as well. Again, the media had it entirely wrong, portrayed Trump as out of his mind, and yet here it is, happening just as Trump SAID IT WOULD.

3. The UK is already considering the importance of Trump’s election regarding their future trade agreements, how to prioritize these agreements according to partner importance, and whether or not they may even IGNORE ARTICLE 50 and force the immediate withdrawal of the UK from the EU in order to make effective trade deals with a Trump administration immediately, rather than wait for BREXIT to finalize according to article 50. Again, this is a VERY big deal, and the media is ignoring it.

4. The Trump team’s process of admin building is actually happening faster than either Bill Clintons, or Barack Obama’s. It took Bill Clinton 5 weeks to make his appointments, Obama a little over 3. And yet here we are barely through week 1 of Trumps, and the media is in full attack mode claiming the Trump team is in chaos despite appointments happening at a fast clip.

5. The donor and lobbyist set in DC is in utter chaos. Trump and VP Elect Pence are shutting down the lobbyists, denying big money donors access, and generally turning the political money for favor machine inside out.

6. Big US companies that have been shifting or doing business overseas are now weighing the idea of returning to the US. This, even before ANY new Trump policy or legislation has been put on paper. Apple, Ford, and others are exploring the pro’s and cons of returning sections of production to the US, and in some cases although it looks like they are determined to avoid it, the mere fact they are even exploring the idea says volumes.

Folks, I could go on and on. There is TONS happening that you will never hear about if you only watch the evening news or read the paper. NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, The New York Times, Washington Post, all of them have two priorities, and they don’t include informing you. They want to make money, and they want to preserve their ability to manipulate the news to their advantage.

They are owned and controlled by foreign interests, hard left ideologies, and have no problem sacrificing the critical role of the press as a check against government corruption in order to meet their goals.

The bottom line is, Trump is ALREADY turning the establishment on its head, and if you take the time to look, it is an absolutely beautiful thing to see. We may very well be seeing the beginning of America’s rebirth as a world leader in technology, manufacturing, militarily, monetarily and presided over by a government once again by and for the people, rather than run into the ground by bought and paid for politicians, in spite of the people.


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